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Cypher takes out the first 125fps duel tournament beating Fazz in straights 2-0 (Bo3). Cypher was running BJ to open the game out but had most success on Galena. Entertaining games with some good casting from Zoot worth a watch

Tournament Information
When: 18 June 2017, 04:00 AEST
MapPool: Blood Covenant , Blood Run , Corrupted Keep , Ruins of Sarnath
Mapchoice - like ESL ruleset:
BO3: The first map in the best of 3 series will be pre-determined prior to bracket completion. The player that loses the first or second map will choose next map.
BO1: The map will be pre-determined prior to bracket completion.
I know most people here are from QL and already familiar with the stuff in the videos but the content is not for us. It's directed towards new players. Please if you have friends or hear of people struggling in the game direct them towards these videos.

Item Control

Weapon Selection
The russian youtube channel C-c-combo Breaker! has just released a video about their recent visit to the id offices which gives us a first look at the Duel mode of Quake Champions.

The breakdown on how Duel works:
- A match (map) is split up into best of three rounds.
- At the start of the match each player picks three different champions (you can not pick the same champion 3 times but both players can pick the same 3).
- A round lasts until one player has lost all three of his champion picks or until the timelimit runs out in which case the person with more champions left wins the round. If both players have the same amount of champions left the game goes into Sudden Death Overtime.
- After you die you can freely pick from your remaining two or one champions and respawn into the ongoing game.
- After a round ends (one player has lost all three champions) the map / pickups get reset.
- The winner is the player to first win 2 rounds.

Apparently C-c-combo Breaker! also got to see other unannounced Champions but are not allowed to share them with us until E3. So we can all look forward to new Champions being made public at the Bethesda E3 show. C-c-combo Breaker! also got to test a second game mode though they did not mention what it is called nor do they show it in the video.

Zero4 vs SyncError below. Starts around 6 minutes

Among the hardened warriors and alien conquerors inhabiting the Dreamlands, Anarki sticks out like a sore thumb. Its tough to keep up with the transhuman punk when hes blazing trails around the Arena on his hoverboard, but his speed is just one of the things that allow him to stand on the same level as Champions like Nyx and Scalebearer. Anarki is one of the Champions youll be able to try out during the upcoming Closed Beta, which will begin on Thursday, April 6 with an initial group of testers. More players will be added into the Closed Beta over time, so make sure to sign up now. You can see Anarki in action in our latest profile trailer.

Its a tale as old as time. Boy gets addicted to surgery. Boy begins to perceive a surreal dream world. Boy meets girl.

Maybe thats not the standard romantic tale, but its Anarkis story. After spending much of his rebellious youth in a haze of self-vandalism, Anarki discovered the joys of cybernetic surgery. His fixation on transhumanism took hold, and piece-by-piece he changed himself, believing life would be better if he could just be less human. Why tolerate human weaknesses if he could replace everything dragging him down? The surgeries continued and grew more and more extreme, until one surgery pierced his pineal gland, opening his mind to a strange alien reality he had never seen before.

Anarki chased this reality like a new high and sought out more dangerous procedures, each of which strengthened his ability to perceive this other realm. Thats when he met a girl who could see this place, too. Together, they were sure they could reach it, and for better or worse, they eventually did. The pair found themselves in the Dreamlands, where Champions from the waking realm are forced to battle each other for eternity in twisted and ancient Arenas.

Anarki is a firm believer in performance enhancement - anything that will give him an edge over his opponents. Should you find yourself running low on health, you can trigger Anarkis active ability to get you back in the game. Every time you use Anarkis Health Injection ability, you add a little more to your max health. Anarki will retain this boost ever after death.

Thanks to his Hoverboard Air Control passive ability, Anarki actually gains more speed than the other Champions as he strafe-jumps around the Arena, turning him from a speed demon into a speed God. This passive ability also gives you more control over his movement, allowing you turn sharply mid-air and rapidly change direction.
Sign up for the Closed Beta now and try your hand with everyones favorite transhuman punk, Anarki. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more Champion profiles, map features and game mode breakdowns.

For more Quake Champions, check out these videos and features:
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New Tournament Feature: Solo Team Pooling

The ability for tournament admins to enable 'solo queue' team pooling has been implemented, pending bug testing and feedback. In short, it enables players who want to play in a team tournament to 'queue up' as an individual and get put into a pooling bucket where they are grouped with other players who have signed up the same way.

It will be only available for tournaments running the Open division because trying to seed a tournament with this feature enabled across the board would be a nightmare. I imagine it would be used for casual tournaments where people just want to have fun without committing to join a team.

The solo signups will be visible on the tournament display page, and the system chooses to form teams based on the signup date and time. If there aren't enough players available to form a team, the players who signed up last won't get in, so it's based on a 'first come first serve' type of reasoning. Once the tournament admin decides to close signups and generate the brackets, solo pooled teams will dynamically form and get put in with the regular seeded teams and inserted into the bracket. Each solo pooled team is only temporary and available for that specific tournament.
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