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Grds Sizzling Summer Tourney
1 year ago - 10th Nov 10pm - 2018

It's about time we had a PQL tourney!

Why PQL? PQL sux!

Yea, but that's the only thing people play now, so. I don't like it either, but what can you do.

What type of competition?

Team sizes: 4v4. Teams can enter 5 players ONLY. This is to encourage more teams to enter. We have a small community, please try to make teams. A 3 team tournament is not fun!

Physics: PQL - normal PQL gauntlet, normal PQL rail (unmodified PQL - if that's the current rail, then we leave as is. If purgery rails have been buffed, we undo the buff). I do NOT want hybrid vql/pql settings, there seems to have been some misunderstanding.

Game mode: Mixed game mode! Clan Arena, Domination, Attack and Defend. Reasoning: Let's expand into other modes and get some teamwork happening! Let's be honest - Clan Arena doesn't require frantic voice comms.

But I know most of the guys in PQL servers haven't really played any other mode (like classic TDM or CTF etc). So let's expand into modes which are almost exactly like CA, but still require teamwork! Nothing is more satisfying than coming up with strategies as a team, practising them, then executing them in a competition match :-)

When: Tentative date of 15th December to 20th January (summer break from school).

Prize Pool:

Yes! There will be a prize pool!

But it's only $100 for the time being :-)

The money will be split amongst top 3 clans in a $50/$30/$20 split. I will transfer the money to the team captains (using bank direct transfer, as i don't have to mess with paypal transaction fees and stuff), and they can transfer to players however they want. We can sort out privacy issues if you're concerned via private messaging and after you win etc.

How will the tourney run?

I've spoken to Zlr, one of the developers of this website, and he said we can use the 4sg tourney system. The maps pick/ban process will happen on the website, the game will get played, then the team captains will update scores on the website.

Game modes and Maps in more detail:

Game modes: PQL Clan Arena (200/100, normal PQL), PQL Attack and Defend (100/100, rail @ 40 damage as per last 4sg A&D comp [which was played with pql physics too and this worked really well!]), PQL Domination (150/150 [note: domination has hp/armour regen by default], no grenades).


Clan Arena: Asylum, Overkill, Quarantine

Domination: Hidden Fortress, Dreadful Palace, Trinity

Attack and Defend: Siberia, Future Crossings (q3wcp18), Spider Crossings (q3wcp9)

All maps have previously been tried in competitions, and all work well.

Pick/Ban process

4sg tourney system has a randomiser - random team will pick/ban first (same as flipping a coin i guess).

Team 1 picks a game mode, Team 2 picks the map in that mode.

Team 2 then picks 2nd game mode, team 1 picks the map in that mode.

Team 2 will ban a map from the 3rd game mode, then team 1 bans a map, and the remaining map in the 3rd game mode is the decider (if needed).

The process is designed to encourage teams to be proficient in all maps.

Comment Deleted - 1 year ago - #73

Comment deleted by user.

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Binxy - 1 year ago - #75

What's Quake Live?

1 0
SoAx - 1 year ago - #76

*enunciates with his lips* "V".

1 0
zlr - 1 year ago - #77

I would play in a VQL comp for sure, dunno about PQL :-/

1 0
ecentrix - 1 year ago - #80

yes pls

2 0
Aeol - 1 year ago - #81

So basically it's VQL everything except the movement? You should make it full PQL like on the public servers or full VQL because doing it as a half measure will still make people not play it just because the movement is PQL (See zlr's comment above for an example).

0 0
JS3 - 1 year ago - #83

should be fun!!!

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swishfishy - 1 year ago - #84

team fish to win it

0 0
Grrrdian - 1 year ago - #85

fishy mate, if you start to teleport, you're going to have to spec and field a replacement. it's all well and good in pub games, but doubt level 100 teleportation is going to be acceptable in a competition.

0 0
Grrrdian - 1 year ago - #82

huh? what's vql :O

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mickzerofive - 1 year ago - #74

get good lad

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