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OQS Season 2 Quake Champions Announcement
1 year ago - 28th Jan 6pm - 2019

We are running the second installment to the Oceanic Quake Champions Duel league with 24 contestants across 2 divisions, 6 invited and 18 qualified. We were unfortunate to not secure prize sponsorship in time and have thrown it to the community to help drive the pool via donations.

OQS Season 2

Many of these players have competed in Quake for years and others have only just started with Quake Champions. This is the perfect match of old school vs new school with promising young talent rising in Australia. Three gaming teams have picked up players in Avant Garde, Cooked Esports and Corvidae Inc. The format of the tournament is 2x Groups of 8 Duelists with top 4 from each proceeding to a Single Elimination play offs.

Main Tournament / Donation link - Here

Qualifier 1: Sunday Feb 10th

Qualifier 2: Sunday Feb 17th

Qualifier 3: Sunday Feb 24th