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1 year ago - 7th Jul 3pm - 2019

It is with great pleasure we introduce to you today the first big LAN event for Quake Champions in Oceania. Bethesda has recently announced it is introducing a Quake Pro League due to start in the coming months. Twenty of the best European and American players will face off in a list of year-round events. In response, it was decided and funded by the community, that there would also be a gathering for the Oceania community to celebrate their years of quake champions fun, friendships and rivalries.

The LAN will consist of a $,10,000 cash prize pool along with a host of other goodies from partners ranging from peripherals to gaming chairs. This LAN will make for the biggest Quake prize pool ever in the history of Oceaniac scene. Players invited thus far are the likes of Corvidae's duo Daniel 'Dandaking' De Sousa and Tyler 'Steej' Joseph representing Australia overseas on numerous occasions in the last 2 years. Furthermore, interest has been expressed by Avant Gaming's Matthew 'Lure' Jaworski and Daniel 'Danny' as well as Cooked Esports David 'ZenAku' Addati and James 'murd0r' Benson.

Ofcourse the most interesting questions to be answered for the LAN are the likes of, who is the best now given the changes to the format of Duel? Only time will tell as fifty players will flock to the Melbourne streets to participate in twenty hours of gruelling actioned pack Quake fun.

If you're looking to sponsor or help out for the event please visit this page for more information.