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The QC Bash Roundup - Community Run $10,000 LAN Event Results
11 months ago - 21st Aug 12pm - 2019

"Noun: bash - A party or social event. Synonyms: party, gathering, social gathering, social occasion, social event, social function, function, get-together, celebration, reunion, festivity". That's exactly what QC Bash was! With a very Australian flavour I.E. filled with a lot of passion, intensity and sprinkled with outbursts of profanity. It was a jam-packed weekend where 50 of Australia's most dedicated Quake Champions players gathered to battle it out!

Group Photo

There is something special about the Oceanic Quake community. Instead of feeling left out from not being included in the Quake Pro League we decided to run one of the best Quake LAN events ever and gave our players something to compete for in the very healthy $10,000 prize pool (which was completely community funded). There are so many devoted Quake players in Australia and New Zealand so we thought they deserved to have an event like this.

Matthew "Lure" Jaworski, Tony "Joan of Arc" Tran and Vu "Kuachi" Quach conspired to formulate the initial plans for the event and ended up following through to create something great. We were lucky to have Ronnie Fok from Zenox provide gaming chairs as prizes. Razer also jumped onboard and gave us prize packs and Bethesda offered Scalebearer statues for giveaways. We are very grateful to Zenox, Razer and Bethesda for helping us make the event even better.

We would also like to thank Adam "Syncerror" Pyle from idSoftware who was happy to answer all our questions and ensure that the Quake Champions servers stayed up and running all weekend for us without any downtime. Thank you, SyncError!

Venue Computers and Tournament Trophies

Player Comments


The weekend itself still turned out to be amazing. We were finally able to meet all the players we had often played against online, and players that we had looked up to for many years. We found that members of our online Quake community were just as friendly in person. Being in the same room with 50 peers with a common denominator made it so easy to talk to everyone!

Dirtbox (Cooked eSports)

Big thank you to @kuachi for the best Quake LAN in recent history. He really wen't above and beyond. Also a shout out to @mickzerofive , @beckydee and the 4SG team for by far their best ever organised tournament, you guys really stepped up. Big pats on the back.

Congratulations to the Corvidae boys @Steej and @dandaking for their consistent Cooked eSports punishment. We thank you for your top level rivalry, we love the world class performances you bring to the table for us every time we meet. We'll get you one day :)


Everyone there was great company, each game I played had a friendly handshake and a chat to go with it.


It was an amazing opportunity to meet the Quake community and I saw some high level play through out all divisions. I will definitely be hoping there is another soon.


What a great lan! Amazing job by all the organisers, was great to see familiar faces and meet all the new guys, most fun I've had at a LAN event in ages, and was awesome seeing all the elite guys go head to head before the brackets even started - 10/10 would go to any future event, congrats to everyone involved!

Sky, Bagel (left) and Indefa, Tesla, westyy (right)

Now on to the matches themselves, we saw some crackers in the Elite division between Dandaking, Steej, Python and Zenaku. Fraze, Australia's best Quake Live player, also competed and advanced quite far into the tournament and ended up placing 5th. (along with some great casting). It was interesting to see how he learned and adapted to the game as time went on and made for interesting matches.

The final came down to the two favourites, Dandaking and Steej. We highly recommend watching the VOD as Steej went into another gear in this one to end up taking it out. Zenaku managed to take 3rd place and Pyhon 4th in a set of very high quality and close matches. VOD's of all the matches are available on our Twitch Channel and will also be uploaded to our Youtube Channel.

Pinkey (left) and Ratsoup, THUNDERMONK, Noradrenaline, Redoxide (right)

The Challenger division also had some very competitive matches throughout each stage. It was nearly impossible to predict the finalists as there were so many players of very similar skill level. After grinding through all the matches Joan of Arc and Thundermonk ended up in the finals, with Joan of Arc just edging it out in a tight series. An honourable mention also goes to Sky who took 3rd after only just starting to play Quake Champions!

There were some fierce battles in the open division as well, but after two days of competing ratsoup was the victor in the final over the old veteran cresh0r. Ratsoup did not drop a single map throughout the whole tournament, the only player to do so! He's definitely a player to keep an eye on as he climbs up the rankings.

Dandaking(left) - Ultimate_Sacrifice (middle) - Zenaku (right)

Special Thanks To

4SG Team - Mickzerofive, Beckydee and Zlr
MindConfusion - for everything stream related
Stubs - art and graphics
OPM Design - event tshirts
Pinnacle Customs / Kultura Creative - poster wall
Wangan Empire - photography
AVANT Gaming / Corvidae / Cooked Esports - flying their players out
Official Event Sponsors
GIC Esports iCafe - venue
Razer - hardware prizes
Zenox - gaming chairs and customised pillows
Bethesda - Scalebearer statues


Elite Division

1st ($3000 + trophy): Steej
2nd ($2000 + trophy): dandaking
3rd ($1000): ZenAku
4th ($600): Python
5th-8th ($300): foedanny / dirtbox / FraZe / murd0r
9th-12th ($100): Lure / Night / Chugg / Ultimate Sacrifice

Challenger Division

1st ($600 + trophy): Joan of Arc
2nd ($400 + trophy): THUNDERMONK
3rd ($200): sky
4th ($100): SHrulez
5th-8th ($75): runni / pinkey / mike / kuachi
9th-16th: Redoxide / phylum / westyy / MindConfusion / Fuzzy / Indefa / devomate / init

Open Division

1st (Razer prize pack): ratsoup
2nd (Razer prize pack): cresh0r
3rd (Razer prize pack): Mordecai
4th-16th: Tree / PeppermintNightmare / jKenz / bagel / Hodgzilla / Aestr0 / Noradrenaline / Tesla / OPMD / SlickFlow / Amos / Warez / Slov666

Steej, Dandaking (left) - Event Poster (middle) - Night (right)

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