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4SG Community Update Heading Into 2020
8 months ago - 26th Nov 7pm - 2019

We would like to update everyone on what's been happening over the last few months with 4SG. Some of you may have noticed that we've slowed down on running events for Quake Champions and you are right in thinking that. There are a few reasons for this, but they are positive reasons. Thankfully when Kuachi came on board he was able to help out and keep the ball rolling for everyone while we worked in the background on our plan for 2020.

Unfortunately Kuachi and 4sg have decided to part ways for now and as such Kuachi will no longer be running Quake with us. We are thankful for everything he has done for the OCE Quake community and were proud to help him with everything he achieved. We will still continue running Quake competitions in his absence, and anyone who wants to run their own Quake tournaments will have the 4SG tournament system at their disposal if they want to try their hand at organising any events.

So before we talk about what we're doing with other games we would like to make the following very clear: we love Quake and will continue to support the Quake community by running tournaments for all skill levels and game modes, and we will keep the door open for anyone who wants to be involved in it. Remember to send a DM to zlr or mickzerofive in Discord if you want to run your own Quake tournaments in the future.

As some may have noticed today a more recent development was announced that we will be trialing a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2v2 tournament. We've always found even though our community deeply loves Quake many of us actually play all different kinds of games and with a passion. Since we've been only running Quake events the last 10 years we thought that it would be a good idea explore some opportunities in other games to help grow and sustain a healthy gaming community.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions about what games we should consider running tournaments and events for please feel free to a leave a comment below or start a discussion in our Discord server.

P.S. For any Quakers who are interested in playing in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tournament soon remember that you don't need to create a new Team in the system. Each gaming team can select a roster for multiple games at once, simply go into your team management page add a new game to the roster then assign 2 members to the COD:MW roster and you will be able to sign up.

Deso58 - 5 months ago - #88

Hi Mick, Just a suggestion, How about running racing sim Championships?

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