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Mickzerofive Diabotical Closed Beta Wrap
4 months ago - 22nd Mar 9am - 2020
Hi all,

I just wanted to address everybody now that the closed beta weekends are done.

For everyone who knows me, knows I love my numbers. Although we can't really compare 1:1, region to region, and remembering with the tournaments being held across different dates this will also have it's affect as well. But just as I've always believed our numbers of tournament participants are consistent with if not slightly better than NA and EU individually right now in Diabotical. It's been amazing to see a ressurgence in the Arena genre and that the community are getting behind the game even in it's current early state with not many maps or fixed competitive modes.

I'm not sure exactly what the future holds for the game or for the esports scene just yet but I promise that we will be at the forefront of it. Doing our best to ensure every player skilled up or new is having a good time and that players have the opportunity to make new team mates and duel friendemys.

Moving forward we're going to let the dust settle and track the launch of the game. We have a Quake Champions tournament that is now in it's play offs (starting tonight).

Just a last note for the new faces to the community who have no idea who we are or what we're about. Over 10 years ago we created 4sg for an original arena game called Quake Live (Quake 3 remake). We've held multiple live events and too many online tournaments to poke a stick at. Feel free to browse through our tournaments page, youtube or twitch for more information. If you want to support us in anyway please just follow our socials :)

A few people had this e-mail yesterday go to junk, so here it is again. If you missed it, right click on junk mail email and set as not junk

$1,600 AUD Diabotical 4v4 Wipeout tonight from 7PM AEDT
Don't have a team? Not too late to sign-up solo or form one (go here)
Our first 2v2 Arena comp had over 70 players
Congratulations to Ultra for winning $50 with best clip of the tournament
We talk Diabotical with the big dog Steej
Cresh starts up new player guides
Fraze is back with advanced duel commentary
Good luck to everyone tonight! Catch the action from 7PM AEDT onwards only on 4sgTV
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