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Partners Application
Companies and Organisations we've worked with in the past
We most recently worked with AMD at PAX 2017 running and casting the PAX AMD Showcase
Cyber Gamer
CG supported us in our first LAN, sponsored by ACER, helping us get started
Fnatic Play
For 6 months Mick organised and covered a European duel competition for Fnatic
Game Traders
Long standing sponsor who just really wanted to see gaming grow
IEM / ESL Int.
Supported our Quake Live Oceanic Qualifier for IEM Colonge 2011
A great sponsor who has been with us for a long time
Long standing sponsor who has provided hardware for prizes
Short term sponsor who was great to work with
Steel Series
Long standing sponsor who has provided hardware for prizes
Tt ESports
Provided great hardware prizes for our past tournaments
Partners Information and Application

Gaming Organisation
The 4SG Web Framework was created to provide a robust platform for gaming organistations to run their tournaments, track viewership, stats and generate interest in their brand.

We are fully committed to creating avenues of revenue and sustainability for organisations so that we can continue to grow Oceanic ESports.

Open to new ideas

Multi-Gaming Team
The ability to create and manage multi-gaming teams, show your results and generate interest is easy using the 4SG Web Framework.

We would like to work with Australia's best teams and invite them to play in our tournaments, write articles on particular players or squads, and help newly formed teams get noticed.

Let us know your team

Sponsorship / Investor
If you choose to sponsor tournaments or invest in 4Seasons Gaming directly we will provide accurate viewership statistics, transparency and manageable expectations.

In addition to our Partner Statistics Dashboard we have planned a number of other avenues for sponsors and potential partners to get their brand noticed.

Hear what ideas we have to bring

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