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OQS Season 3 Challenger Bracket
Oceanic Quake Series - Season 3 (it's back)

We will be holding 4 Divisions of skill Elite, Challenger, Amateur and Beginner with 25 invited participants and 7 to be Qualified across 2 Double Elimination competitions. OQS is a fun and exciting competition for the best Oceanic Quake players, put on to entertain both the local and international Quake communities.

The competition is community funded, so we do urge those able and whom find entertainment value from the competition to contribute towards the prize pool via the main tournament page (this will be split across the first 3 Divisions)

Play-Offs Format Single Elim
Only sign-up if I have not messaged you with an invite
Top 3 from each group will proceed to Elite Play-Offs
Bottom 3 from each group will proceed to Challenger Play-Offs
Game Quake Champions
Type FPS
Mode 1 v 1 Duel
Format SE Bracket
Donations Disabled
Starts 22nd Mar 2020 7:00 pm
Ends 5th Apr 2020 10:00 pm
6 / 8
Molten Falls
3 / 0
2 / 0
Vale of Pnath
1 / 2
Corrupted Keep
3 / 1
Blood Run
3 / 1
Blood Covenant
2 / 2
Ruins of Sarnath
2 / 2
No streams.
not like this GF ending
insane pixel shot

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Total Players
Matches Played
Maps Played


  • FPS, MOBA, RTS - First Person Shooter, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and Real Time Strategy
  • SE/DE - Single Elimination and Double Elimination
  • GS/RR - Group Stage and Round Robin
  • CTF, FFA, DM, TDM, BR - Capture The Flag, Free For All, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale

Tourney Formats

  • SE/DE Bracket only
  • GS into SE/DE Bracket (seeds decided by GS results)
  • GS only (Round Robin)
  • NOTE BR & FFA modes only available in Gauntlet system, not regular Tournaments.

Max Signups & Player Rosters

  • SE/DE/GS - max 256 signups per division (1024 total per Tournament)
  • 5v5+ formats: 5 active players and 3 subs (max subs increased for MOBA)
  • 4v4 formats: 4 active players and 2 subs
  • 2v2 formats: 2 active players and 1 sub

Team Pooling & Individual Signups

Available only in the Open division, the touranment system is able to accept individual signups for team based modes (if enabled by admins). Once signups are complete the system shuffles all the individual signups and assigns them into temporary teams starting with Pool Team #1, Pool Team #2, etc. The formation is random and there is no substitutes, if one player has to leave that team will need to forfeit. Normal teams are also able to sign up alongside 'pooled' teams.

Division Skill Levels


Highest skill level, usually the top 5% of players. Entrants in this division have likely played competitively for a number of years and can compete with the best players in the region. Typically players in this division will have 1000+ hours under their belt in their respective game.


Experienced players who have competed in multiple events and would consider themselves in the top 5-20% of players in the region. Players who consistently win events in this division will be moved up to Elite.


Casual players with a moderate amount of experience and game skill should enter this division, especially if they have not competed in many tournaments. Not recommended for brand new players with less than 20 hours play time in a given game.


This division is intended only for brand new players usually with less than 20 hours game time. The top two from every Beginner division will be moved to Amateur the next time they sign up for an event to keep beginner divisions competitive.


No skill level guidelines, anyone can enter unless one of the higher divisions is active. As an example, in an event with Elite and Open divisions selected the Open division encompases the remaining division skill tiers, I.E. Challenger, Amateur and Beginner.


Signups, Start Time & No-Shows

  • Signups close 15 minutes before tournament start time
  • Times are in Sydney NSW (AEDT) format
  • No-shows within 15 minutes after start time will be forfeit

Conflicts, Player Conduct and Cheating

Player abuse or harrassment in any form is not tolerated on 4SG platforms (discord, social media, youtube, twitch). We run an inclusive community intended for all players whether they are long term veterans or brand new. If community members have an issue or conflict with another member please contact admins on Discord and resolve the issue privately, this includes allegations of cheating (match fixing, aimbotting, etc).

Best Practices For Players

We recommend that players join the 4SG discord server to communicate with other players or admins. The #tournament channel is intended for this purpose. Sometimes players will use a different name in discord, if this is the case please advertise to players and admins what your signup username in the tournament system is so we know who you are.

Submitting Match Results

Match results require both entrants to submit the scores, and the scores must match. If different scores are entered or one team entered the wrong score by mistake an admin will need to override the result. We recommend that you don't leave the score submission web page open during your matches as the page refreshes and checks for new data every 5 seconds. If you have very low upload speed or have bandwidth issues this may lag you in game.

Intentionally Entering Lower Divisions

Players who intentionally enter divisions below their skill is not allowed. The divisions are intended to provide a fun and competitive experience for all players. Admins will move any players to higher divisions if they see an obvious issue. If a player uses an alias to go under the radar they will be noted and moved into a higher division if they play in another event. 4SG reserves the right to revoke prize money from repeat offenders who are caught, more information is in the Terms & Conditions.